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Oh boo-hoo :P

Women like to bitch about men being pigs, not caring about anything but looks. I wonder if they feel the littlest bit hypocritical when they dump a guy like a sack of shit after they fuck him and find out he's got a little dick, or maybe if he's got some money or something else they want they just date him and cheat like crazy?

I mean, seriously, you've got it so bad? Lol. Imagine the guys out there with four inch dicks and shit - all you have to do to be physically attractive if you're a woman is exercise thirty minutes a day to failure, or do an hour or so of aerobics or whatever (which isn't really exercise but w/e) and not stuff your face with chocolate and mcdonalds. Meanwhile guys have it decided for them at birth whether women are going to cheat on them or not, how good looking of a woman they're going to be able to hold on to, what their self-worth is going to be, etc.

Hate to tell you women, but you have it EASY. The only ones who have it easier are guys with big dicks, which is apparently a very small number since the average size is like five and a half inches, and that's for-sure gonna get skanks cheating on you left and right. Quit complaining about how your shit is so horrible when you not only can easily live your life without ever getting a job but your desireability is almost entirely dependent on individual effort rather than god saying, "You can have a good life, you can't, you can't, you can't, you can..."

Porn and sexual promiscuity really wrecked it for most of the guys out there :D

This comment was about the demotivation The world...

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