Conquer - Your fears

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Hi I'm gigolo
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IF HIS DICK IS A MONSTER, is the title to a Frank Zappa Mothers Of Invention song. Circa 1973. From the rock opera "Legend of the Mud Shark", performed one off at the Filmore East on new years eve 73/74. It's a story about groupies and rock stars in the 60's and early 70's. The Plaster Casters were a notorious gang of beautiful groupies who made it their business to cast rock star penises in plaster of paris molds, with the idea of documenting the size of famous rock stars equipment. When they encountered The Mothers, they got juked by baby octopuses instead.The Florescent Flo and Eddie, formerly Turtles, were mothers at the time, and played their big Turtles hit song with a bullet on the charts. Happy Together.
Mukphly before 2845 d. Reply        #1
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Whole new meaning to scared stiff.