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Wingrider before 1786 d. Reply        #5
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Anyone heard of 'BODMAS'?
kre10 before 2085 d. Reply        #4
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yeah, but, in high school we did this without the * sign. guess my math teacher was just wrong, or? :D
horstb before 2086 d. Reply        #3
Nuotraukos nėra
"division and multiplication are the same level operations" thats not the question thats mandatory here.

As I said, 2(2+1) is not a mathematical correct expression. So theres space how to interpret this. The correct expression would be 2*(2+1), without the multiplication sign its only a common used simplification. So the calculator has to choose how the user meant it. If the user had used the correct expression both would be correct....

99% of the people wouldnt care about this, engineer disease :-) (me included)
kre10 before 2086 d. Reply        #2
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@horstb - on both sides should be 9. and here's why:

division and multiplication are the same level operations, so it goes as TI interpreted.
or if you had an F in math - then it's 1. ;)
horstb before 2087 d. Reply        #1
Nuotraukos nėra
TI inteprets this as 6/2*(2+1) and Casio as 6/(2*(2+1)) I think Casio is right beacause the user didnt acciedentally missed the * so the 2(2+1) is to see as one term like (2*(2+1).