When you're feeling lonely - You aren't picky about the company

2011.03.23 submitted by Xeminis
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When you're feeling lonely

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Bill the butchet before 286 d. Reply        #16
Nuotraukos nėra
I’m going to fuck you with a 2x4 Bob. Then then slice you up, run ya through a meat grinder and donate you to a local animal shelter. They’ll be overjoyed to get the “wild hog” meat i have left over
Bear before 1833 d. Reply        #15
Nuotraukos nėra
yup, fuck you bob.
mleeh before 2856 d. Reply        #14
Nuotraukos nėra
They're not lonely. They are cold.
Trolol before 2921 d. Reply        #13
Nuotraukos nėra

Bob. Thank-you for reminding us all about the harsh reality of life. "Fuck you Bob" is a little harsh however.


Jeez. Why start up all these "Fuck you Bob"s? "Kman"? Rather uncouth.


Indeed. Why is your name "Pricehunter"?


An ellipsis is three full stops not four - you got it right the second time!


Wow. You copied a comment made by someone else because you felt guilty about exploiting the animals.


Stop shouting about it.




"high five to you" isn't generally an accepted use of the phrase "High five".


Bob spelt his name Bob not BoB


Bit extreme don't you think? Perhaps just extinct from Earth?


Why would you post that?


Lemmings don't jump off cliffs.
Those Disney dickheads ran loads off a cliff ina '50s documentary which is where the myth came from.
Anonymous before 2924 d. Reply        #12
Nuotraukos nėra
#10 Go jump off a frikkin' cliff then. Maybe all the other idiots like you will follow like lemmings and earth will be a much better place. Hell, there would be a lot less people, which is exactly what you just said you wanted.
hunter before 2925 d. Reply        #11
Nuotraukos nėra
bob's right, too bad .... the dog looks delicious...
rage of nature before 2938 d. Reply        #10
Nuotraukos nėra
earth, animals, 7 billion humans... fuck the mankind. i hope we become extinct from the universe.
Cheryl before 2940 d. Reply        #9
Nuotraukos nėra
Fuck You BoB
RIkka before 2944 d. Reply        #8
Nuotraukos nėra
high five to you, pets rule! i agree.
Pets rule before 2944 d. Reply        #7
Nuotraukos nėra
Fuck you bob? No, fuck you to all the irresponsible pet owners who refuse to spay or neuter their pets and them dump the babies off on the streets. Fuck you to all the selfish assholes who throw their pets out when they become inconvenient. Fuck you to everyone who buys over priced pets from a miserable breeder rather than going to a shelter.

Pets are a lifetime commitment,not a fashion statement.
tim before 2944 d. Reply        #6
Nuotraukos nėra
Namedfa before 2947 d. Reply        #5
Nuotraukos nėra
fuck you bob
aera before 2949 d. Reply        #4
Nuotraukos nėra
Bob is probably right though.... the dog in particular looks very unhealthy. An animal shelter probably took the picture in order to highlight what happens to loving compassionate animals with no home, still it doesn't mean they had the space or resources not to put them down... sad, but true.
pricehunter before 2949 d. Reply        #3
Nuotraukos nėra
very compelling
kman before 2949 d. Reply        #2
Nuotraukos nėra
fuck you bob
bob before 2949 d. Reply        #1
Nuotraukos nėra
This image was taken by animal control;
right before they took these strays to the pound to be euthanized.