Weather Girls - Which one would you choose?

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Weather Girls

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not it before 3586 d. Reply        #13
Nuotraukos nėra
I'm more worried about the your horrid grammer and the effect it has on your kids. Also, this is Americoma where the people sleep and media is god. You want to talk about selling sex, Disney have been doing that for decades. If you dont like it, turn the T.V. off and problem solved.
digger before 3587 d. Reply        #12
Nuotraukos nėra
#2 in white. boobs are popping out.
Django before 3644 d. Reply        #11
Nuotraukos nėra
Number 3
miaami 65 before 3662 d. Reply        #10
Nuotraukos nėra
i would like allm the weather girls to be on the Miami stations. Julie Durta is also a hottie on channel 7
Sprmcandy before 3664 d. Reply        #9
Nuotraukos nėra
Funny stuff.
unknownb.n. before 3666 d. Reply        #8
Nuotraukos nėra
i would not pick not 1 just sexism what our kids going to have to watch if i am wrong let me know every time u lookin at tv itz alwayz sex this sex that be it bikini,kissing,talking,in the bed,getting out of bed commercial needs to b more discret with what they show on tv while kid r up
Chill wid dis n dat before 3675 d. Reply        #7
Nuotraukos nėra
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool the one before the last is freaking awesome :D.... it's da best. RESPECT!
BDR before 3677 d. Reply        #6
Nuotraukos nėra
MRonald before 3679 d. Reply        #5
Nuotraukos nėra

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Blanca before 3680 d. Reply        #4
Nuotraukos nėra
Now down to zod. I must be a red neck u just made a stereotype rasist comment so u must be n Anglo dick head
bow down to zod before 3682 d. Reply        #3
Nuotraukos nėra
They all look like skanks....Why is it that all hispanic women, no matter what they wear, look like prostitutes?
darkshot before 3684 d. Reply        #2
Nuotraukos nėra
good point
jordanian before 3685 d. Reply        #1
Nuotraukos nėra
second from top in white ya